The famous Brimfield Fair starts this week in the sleepy town of Brimfield, MA. It comes to life three times a year and Tuesday, May 11 - Sunday, May 16; kicks off the 2010 season. I hardly ever miss it and this year I wanted to pass along a few favorite shopping spots of mine. I have listed the field they are located in parenthesis.
First stop -Industrial Age Antiques -(The Meadows) A great place for Mercury glass bottles and industrial carts made into tables, assorted lab ware and machine and industrial antiques. I never know what they are going to bring, but it's always interesting!
My next never miss stop is my friend, Wendy Lewis' Textile Trunk - (New England Motel - under the tent) Wendy has an incredible collection of antique french ticking, grain sacks and antique linens - If you are searching for it she either has it or can find it for you.
I never want to miss Marvin Gardens - (Quaker Acres) It is always so gorgeous- real eye candy and an inspiration of how your garden could look - Though not all antiques, they have interesting and beautiful fountains and garden urns.
I also never miss Capitol Salvage (New England Motel) Actually I usually go here first to make sure I get the best selection of all their great treasures. They are masters at finding architectural pediments, corbels and old windows. They also take old columns and make them into tables. Great spot!
My favorite spot for finding awesome accessories for my clients with summer homes is Traditional Marine Outfitters - (The Meadows) They come down from Nova Scotia with fabulous antique nautical items like buoys ,oars, floats, etc.
This year I have to miss Brimfield, but if you find any treasures please email me photos so I can see the great new finds that will undoubtedly be there!! Fields open on different days so check out their specific times here. Have fun!!



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