We're trading one heat wave for another,

but at least in Arizona we will have air conditioning and a pool!

We've been packing and cleaning and cleaning and packing...

but I couldn't leave without saying "Thank You" to all of you that responded to my post about seeing our old home in AZ.

You helped me sort through my feelings in a way that I haven't been able to on my own.

I loved that some of you felt the same way that I did!
A little bit nosey and curious!
(There's nothing wrong with that!)

And I loved the honesty that came from those who had been in my shoes before, and warned me not to do it!

It was those of you that had been given the chance to walk through your old homes, and taken that chance, that weighed the heaviest on my decision.

I was overwhelmed by the underlying feeling of...

once it's done, it's done.

Once I've walked through my home that is no longer mine, I can't take it back and un-see the changes.

And I can definitively say that I am not ready for that.

My emotions for this house are not about its four walls, but about the life that we lived for that two and a half years. The friends that I made, that so quickly became a part of my life and took on the role of "family"...not just friend.

I miss that life.

You helped me see that too.

I will not be touring our old home, or knocking on the front door...and I'm not sure that I even want to do a drive-by.

I want to see my friends...my family.

So we're out of here!

We'll be back in one week!

And again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

You're the best!

Don't think I don't know that!!


Since I've been on vacation, and it has been raining most of the time, I have had some extra time to do some Internet shopping. Here are some of my favorite new finds! First, I stopped by my favorite Swedish Antiques site, Avolli, to see Tricia Mitchell's new pieces. I loved this dining table and chairs - It's in her ad in the July/August issue of Veranda - No surprise it's such a classic. I loved this dresser with X design. This could go into any room in my house!

This metal Empire sewing box is so charming! But, my favorite piece is this Mora Clock. Notice the lovely, soft lines of this clock. Many of the Mora clocks I have seen recently do not have a good curve scale, they seem a bit off to me. This one is perfect and unique with the diamond detailing on the bottom. Tricia Mitchell has an incredible eye - check out more of her great finds here.
Next I headed over to see what was cooking at Kym Fraser's 3 Fine Grains. Kym's Dressage Chair below was recently featured in Washington Spaces Magazine (but remember you saw Kym first at WD!) Besides creating beautiful furniture; she's been very busy importing some fabulous antique textiles.

Lucky for us Kym is now also selling the antique sacks - so you can create your own custom upholstery, slipcovers or pillows. I was thrilled to learn this because as you know Kym has one of the largest inventories of original, authentic antique sacks in the country - and these textiles are not easy to find!! Imitators are now printing over old sacks (yuck!), but these babies are the real McCoy! They run $350 -$1200 - the sacks are huge and can be used for multiple projects.

I got giddy when I saw this crown sack from 1874 (wow- 1874!) -because she has three of them! What a find!! I would love to cover my dining room chairs with these!

The Horse sacks are really interesting! This one caught my eye because it is printed on both sides so I could make a bunch of pillows or cover a couple of chairs

Here is the back - aren't these fabulous?!! Now I just have to figure out what I am going to make with them. Of course you can always just have Kym make it for you - check out her new pillows and furniture.
From antiques I moved on to see what was new at Anthropologie.
This interesting lamp caught my eye. It reminded me of a French whimsical line drawing turned 3D. I especially love the two french bistro chairs with toile pads and table in the center. So unique! The lamp is called the Chateau Lamp and you can find it here. Do check it out so you can see a real close up.
Because it was still raining and I've got nothing but time, I thought I would check out this new site called Former Furniture. The site, started by an interior designer, features used furniture that her elite clientele want to sell when they are ready to redecorate.

They have some really interesting things. This vintage cabinet caught my eye because it reminded me of the metal desk we just saw in Linda Banks' new kitchen. Check the cabinet out here.
Meanwhile over at EBAY, I found these really neat vintage industrial stools.

These zinc and metal stools are from EBAY power seller The Antiques Warehouse in Cinncinatti, OH. Many styles were for sale for under $200. Shipping was reasonable too! A great find!

They also had these chairs, which look close to Kristin's kitchen chairs from Covetable Designs. I was on a roll!
Then, I stopped by to check out what new things were listed from my favorite Antique Textile Queen -"Loodylady" from EBAY's Textile Trunk. I was in awe of this 19th Century French Ceil de lit Bed Canopy. Made from blue and white Ikat fabric. What a rare find! Spectacular! Look at this lovely antique Toile de Jouy quilt from 1790. I bet Marie Antoinette had one just like this!Then I found these gems - gorgeous antique monogrammed French Sheets. The monogram and detailing are spectacular! Who knew such treasures were on EBAY? Finally I found this antique cart cover - Wow - I could just throw that over my sofa and change the entire look of my room! To see all her exquisite textiles click here.
Well the sun is starting to peek out so I am off to enjoy the beach - hope you enjoyed our Internet shopping trip!

Just out of curiosity...have any of you ever been given the chance to take a walk through a house that you used to live in?

Did you enjoy it?

Or was it agony?

Are you happy that you did it?

Or do you regret it?

Here is why I ask...

On Tuesday we're flying down to AZ to spend the week with great friends!
(We're so excited, we can hardly stand it!)

Back in June of 2004 we packed up our things and moved from the rainy, Pacific Northwest to scorching hot, Avondale, Arizona and called this house "home" for the next 2 and 1/2 years...

We bought it while it was in the process of being built, which made the anticipation and excitement to move in, that much greater!

I could not wait to get my hands on it!

The day we moved in, it was a blank slate and a sea of white!
We transformed every square inch of that house and I loved every moment of it!

Rooms were decorated and redecorated. Painted and repainted.
In June of 2006, I repainted the living room and dining room with this cool, refreshing blue. Finally, I had it just how I wanted it.

Not quite four months later, Will got the call that would potentially move us back to WA.

Exactly one month after that, in November of 2006, we were loading up the moving van and saying goodbye to our home...

The boys shared a room (not because they had to, but because they wanted to...and we wanted them to, as well!) and, naturally, it was decorated with a nod to aviation...

Ellison's nursery had turned out just how I had imagined it...

...but the playroom was the favorite, for sure! The boys, still to this day, talk about that playroom and ask if I can paint it all over again here!

(you'll have to excuse the mess...the boys played hard in that room - as you can see by the sleepyheads on the floor!)

I miss this house more than I can express. It was mine. All mine.
I loved the layout and the way that it functioned for our family. I loved the way the sun flooded the back of the house in the morning and in the evening flooded the entryway with gorgeous pink light. I loved the three windows in the front of the house that looked so great with wreaths hanging from wide, red ribbon at Christmas. I loved that we could host a party and have more than enough room to fit everyone. I loved the 10 foot ceilings through the entire house, the skylight in the playroom, the archway that connected our master bedroom and bathroom, the plant ledges in the kids' rooms and the guest bedroom, the window bench that we built in the kitchen, the way the cool tile felt on our feet, and how the floors never creaked because of the concrete below...

But most of all, I love the moments that we had in that house.
Memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

I have found a way to get in touch with the current owners. Would they think I'm a lunatic if I emailed and asked to see the house?



I just keep wondering how I would feel if I got an email like that?


I'm not sure what I would say.

My husband keeps telling me that I would regret walking through the house. That it would erase the memories that I have and replace them with a new memory, that has nothing to do with us.

I suppose I agree with that, except that I am not one of those people that thinks my house will remain the same after I have moved out. You know, like on the show Moving Up on TLC when the old owners are so disgusted that the new owners would want to change it! I don't expect to walk in and see any of what I had done still there. I want to see what they have done - their take on our house!

So I ask...would you want to walk through a house that you once called home?

I'm thinking I'll see how I feel when we get there.

The owners might just be getting a knock on the door...

I feel so lucky to be able to meet such wonderful people through Willow Decor. Just the other night I received a sweet email from a fellow blogger, Kristin at Covetable Designs. She had been overwhelming busy, she said, and tonight she finally had some free time to relax and catch up on reading my previous blog posts. I was so flattered. We started emailing back and forth and it turned into a great treat for me, as I learned so much more about this talented designer! We had so much in common, both having lived in Europe for several years and traveling around; both with a passion for renovation and both self taught designers. I am just in awe of her abilities, so I wanted to share a few images of her home, which she designed, in Dallas.
The above photo is a French dairy turned restaurant that Kristin visited and one of many inspiration photos she used to help design her kitchen. After living several years in London, she was influenced by how her friends lived there.
"They did not view their historic homes as museums, slavish to all the detail of the period. Rather, they used contemporary furniture and accessories to lighten up and streamline their homes. The juxtaposition was thought provoking to an American who was taught to respect period decor, restore old homes, and preserve vintage architectural detail at all costs. And I couldn't really find a designer here who was exactly on my same page. So, I took the lessons of lightening and streamlining to my new home. I wanted architectural detail that was European in feel, without being constrained to any one period or style and I designed the interiors with an eye toward creating a particular mood in each space. The element that ties them all together is the use of neutrals as a backdrop, allowing the colors in fabric and furnishings to glow or in some cases, pop. "
Above is Kristin's new kitchen. Do not be fooled, this is not a renovation of an old home, but a meticulously designed new home with all the elements of an antique. I love the zinc counter and the metal hood, painted to look like aged zinc. Of course I adore the X cross motif which she incorporated in many areas of the design. The Marston Langinger lantern is perfect!
What I find most impressive is the window design over the sink. Kristin boldly painted that area in dark gray and the results are stunning.
A close up of the stove area reveals that she used an antique French fireback as a focal point. The herringbone patterned limestone and the sconces add to the aged French feeling.
We see the X cross motif translated again on the refrigerator. The pantry pull outs are faced in old books. Very clever.
The breakfast room is a delight! Notice the mix of chairs. Some are upholstered in old German printed grain sacks, while others are slipcovered in striped sacks. Visit her blog to see how she transformed the wooden table and chairs. The zinc elements tie the room in well with the kitchen. Again Kristen takes a bold chance with the red table, a viola, it pays off. The fabulous bookshelf was a exciting find at Mecox Gardens.
Here is the beautiful entryway.
It is crafted so well its hard to remember this is new construction. Notice the wood banister and wainscoting.
Here is a closer image of the wainscoting. Isn't this wonderful design? The glazing/painting technique really adds a wonderful patina to the space.
The other wall of the entry has these two wonderful Aidan Gray chests flanking the niches in either side. The wonderful old doors behind the chests were from the bookcase above. Beautiful!!
I have read every one of Kristin's posts and marked several in favorites folder. I am so excited to see more of her work in the coming months. Do check out Covetable Designs, and when you do, tell Kristin that Gina from Willow Decor sent you!!
Go see Julia at Hooked on Houses to see what others are Hooked on!
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Finally some sun is peeking out from the behind the clouds in Boston and it makes me want to grab my sunglasses and head out to the pool. What better place to recharge than in one of these lovely pool houses designed by our talented friends at Catalano Architects.
This is a beautiful pool house on the grounds of a spectacular home in Barnstable on Cape Cod. I love the roof lines of the building. It really shows off the traditional cedar shake roof shingles The inside of the pool house is perfectly outfitted for guests with a mini kitchen
and family room area. Notice off to the left a staircase to a second level and to the right what looks like a pantry/towel room.
It also houses a wonderful bunk room. This picture may be familiar to many of you as I have shown it before in my post on Built in Beds. This particular bunk is one of my favorites! To view even more photos of the Barnstable main house and interiors click here.

Our next spectacular pool house is only a short drive west of Boston.

Unfortunately, this pool house was not open yet for the season but you can still see the wonderful architecture and design of what clearly is a fabulous pool area. The "great" room is in the center and two smaller rooms flank either side. Notice the cupola and window.

Here is the view of the "great"room. The ceiling is an amazing work of art. Notice the large lantern hanging inside the cupola. You can almost see how wonderful the light plays in this space.

Another angle of the great room which includes a full kitchen, center island seating, dining area and family room space.

Here is one of the rooms flanking the "great" room. I love the use of stone on the interior walls and it is a nice contrast to the "great" room which is predominately wood.
To view more photos of the main house and interiors click here.

Thanks again to Catalano Architects for giving us a private look into these incredible properties. Check out their website for more of their inspiring work!


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