I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!
I was blessed first with a beautiful little girl! When I took her home I was so overwhelmed with love (and panic). How would I know what to do?? But we found our way. She is growing up; and has found her voice and strength. She is turning into the most amazing person...
And then my son came along, more overwhelming love, and much less panic. Lots of singing, music and laughter....And he each day he amazes me with his empathy and his talents...
Now they are entering the teen years - and as I am sure many of you know, as a parent I am entering unknown territory. Keeping them traveling in the right direction - making the right decisions - the path isn't always clear.
But the greatest guide is love. I am truly a lucky lady with a wonderful family. My children, my husband and I laugh together almost every day. Our home is filled with smiles and and tremendous love.
I smell breakfast cooking, and hear a lot of commotion in the kitchen; so I am logging off to enjoy my wonderful day. May yours be as special...
(photo credit Tim Evan Cook, Polly Wexford, Chris Everad)



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