I am so excited to let you know you that I am off to New Orleans for a shopping trip for some of my clients. While I am there I will be meeting with a few great talents!!!

First, I am headed to Julie Neill Designs - The wonderfully creative and artistic Julie Neill, will be meeting me and showing me some of her exciting new products and designs.

I'll also be meeting with the stylish and talented Tara Shaw! We'll see some of her new shipments from Europe and she'll share with us her visions for decorating the home.
I'll also be meeting the famous, Suzanne Kasler as she launches her elegant new line of furniture for Hickory Chair, and get to see her new designs in person.

Also, get ready for some exciting information on an antique collectible that is gaining in popularity, (which you are going to just love), as well as several other goodies and surprises along the way.

On Thursday and I'll announce the winner of the gorgeous, antique grain sack pillow. Thank you all for entering - Kym Fraser of Three Fine Grains and I are absolutely overwhelmed by your response!

On Friday I'll begin my series on my trip to "The Big Easy" - I hope you are excited as I am!!
See you in few days!!!

My best friend, Kelly, and I went thrifting again yesterday in downtown Seattle!

She walked away with several pairs of new jeans, a super cute jacket and various other items that were just too good to pass up, and I came away with these...

A hand carved wooden bowl..

...that has a twist to it...

...but I'm calling it "character"!

I rubbed it with Danish oil today and I really like how it turned out. I'll post pics tomorrow!

I was thrilled with that find, but I am




about these:

Vintage Shoe Forms!

A pair of them in great condition!

As soon as I picked them up I knew what I wanted to do with them...

...but you'll have to wait to see what I've got going on!

I should be done with the project tomorrow!

I think they're very cool!

The absolute BEST part about these finds were their prices...

*drumroll please*

I paid a whopping $1.99 for each!
My total was $4.00!

I had spent time browsing the store, but decided to make another quick go-around through the "home decor" section before we left. These were on the bottom shelf (basically, on the floor!) and I had completely missed them the first time!

Lesson learned!
From now on, I'll get on my knees if I have to because the best finds may be hiding just out of sight!

Can't wait to show you the finished projects and how I am making them even better!
Check back tomorrow to see the "after" pictures!


I think it's safe to say that Kelly and I are definitely Hooked On Thrifting!
To see what Julia is Hooked On this week, head over to Hooked On Houses and visit her weekly blog party!
What are you Hooked On?

My new favorite mug...

LOVE it!

I found mine at Barnes & Noble, but it is from a company called Quotable Cards.
It is a "Quotable Mug". Cute!

Visit their website at:

They have all kinds of products that come with really great and inspiring quotes on them!
You can even submit a quote if you don't see your favorite!

What is your favorite quote?

Have fun browsing their shop!

We have had so much interest in antique grain sacks over the past few weeks! First with the different ways you can use linens and grain sacks in your home, and, secondly, rare, antique grain sack pillows and upholstery from textile artist, Kym Fraser at Three Fine Grains.

To celebrate the launching of her new website and on line store, Kym is offering one of our readers their choice between two rare, antique pillows.

Would you like this lovely German grain sack printed with stripes? As you recall many are printing reproductions over grains sacks to get this look, but this pillow is a true original! An antique German grain sack from 1849. Very rare salmon and blue coloring. Or this German Grain sack with roses which are very rare and usual? It has a wonderful original patch at the top which is amazing. This is the only one she has ever seen with roses before. This pillow is from 1899 Authausen, Germany.
Just leave a comment below and you will be entered to win one of these pillows. I will randomly select one winner from the comments next Thursday and Kym will ship you your choice of one of these two pillows.

Here are a few more of Kym's new items. Check out these gorgeous new stools!
And I love her collection of new Bolster pillows!
And here are some of her new German Grain sack pillows!Love these two matching pillows!
But here is my favorite new item: To see her entire collection check out her website

And don't forget to leave a comment to win one of those great pillows! Thanks so much Kym!!!
I'll post the winner on Thursday, April 2!

Note: Leave a comment and become a Willow Decor Follower and we'll put your name in twice so you'll get a second chance to win!

Welcome to Urban Hardwoods!

If you haven't heard about this Seattle based company, then let me introduce you...

When I first heard about Urban Hardwoods, I was immediately drawn to their mission and commitment to it!

For more than ten years Seattle's Urban Hardwoods has been rescuing trees lost to disease and transforming them into beautiful furniture.

Urban Hardwoods has led the way in urban tree salvage.

Each piece of furniture is made in Seattle from massive slabs of pacific madrone, sycamore, walnut, elm, and other trees that spent their lifetimes in Seattle.
Each piece unique, each with a story to tell.

See that tree being taken down in front of this gorgeous Seattle home?

"During the summer of 2006 one of the oldest Elm trees in West Seattle died. Urban Hardwoods was there to save her for a second life. The dining room is waiting for a table from the tree that grew less than 20 feet away.

Had Urban Hardwoods not been involved, this Elm would have met the same fate too many historic trees in Seattle endure - the landfill. Instead, thoughtfully milled and carefully stacked in our 'green room,' the 130-year-old Elm dried slowly and naturally for two more years."

I would love to be able to see this process in action!

Do you see that man waaaaaay up there?

The trees that they save are massive!

I wonder how many pieces of furniture they are able to get out of one tree?

"Made in Seattle from trees that would have been discarded, each piece is unique. The color and figure of the wood, the touch of the craftsman's hand, the shape and size can never be duplicated. We know where the tree grew. We take responsibility for its second life and are proud of our work."

And they should be!

The following pieces of furniture were labeled with where the tree came from:

Maple Valley

(Where we live!)

Capitol Hill


I absolutely LOVE their furniture!
I am sure that a little of it has to do with the fact that they are rescuing trees from the place that we call home! Oh, how I would love to have a piece to call my own...
Adding to the Wish List!
(My husband will get a good chuckle out of that!)

I wonder if they would let us tour their Factory?
How cool would that be?

Check out their website at

You can see their full line of in-stock furniture.
And just in case you are wondering, they do ship to anywhere in the US and Canada!
You can also see a slide show filled with pictures of the process from start to finish.
Check it out - it's pretty darn cool, if you ask me!


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