I have been crazy busy with my home renovations, so unfortunately my posts have been less frequent. Here are two wonderful transitional spaces from Banks Design Architecture. They are my inspiration to remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel.

In a few weeks time I will post some of my personal before and afters! Until then I'll be waiting for the dust to settle and the paint fumes to clear!!!

I have a new obsession with gray dining rooms, I love the elegant look - Gray is such a wonderful color. If done correctly it can be warm and elegant. Very often I see cream woodwork and one or two simple black accents; both help make the color pop. Here are a few of my favorites: Jane Showers & Associates

This dining room was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jane Showers and Associates. I love the how the ebony table anchors the space while all the other pieces in the room are light and airy. The huge mirror, which reflects the buffet across the room adds a layer of drama. The chandelier looks like it could be from Julie Neill Designs and the ceiling has a pearlized look. Lovely!
MLS Photo
This gray dining room is actually an illusion. It has black and white printed walls which gives an overall feeling of gray. Very chic. The striped chairs and traditional style table go beautifully with the more traditional style of the room. The art work adds the black accents. Hard to tell exactly, but perhaps antique architectural prints, framed in ebony. A crystal chandelier adds sparkle.

Here is a country inn - this gray reads a bit more blue to me. The cherry wood is good compliment. I also find the pinkish-creamy ceiling pretty but I do not like chandelier. It seems too informal and too small for the space.

This room really speaks to me. Here is a wonderful example of gray in a more austere room. The windows open to a spectacular view. Often the wrong color can compete with view. This gray is a perfect compliment to the outdoors - it actually enhances the view. The lighting adds the perfect accent of black with out overpowering the space. Add in the texture of the sisal rug, the simple lines of the furniture, the soft color palette of the upholstery, and viola! Perfect!

What to do with that unused attic space? Here is a space that Lyman Perry Architects have transformed into an owners retreat. In the third floor attic space, they have created a den that resembles a yacht's cabin. Above is the staircase entering to the new retreat- it gives you at hint at what might be above. I love the rope handrail and varnished nautical woodwork.Built into one dormer is a day bed with chart storage space below. What a great use of under bed storage space. Notice the teak floors resembling a boat hull.

An instrumentation panel hangs near the helmsman's desk, whose bookshelves utilize the nautical details preventing falling books as the boat tosses at sea. The final touch of a light hatch in the ceiling completes the scene, creating the experience of spying views of the port from the sea.

All photos Lyman Perry Architects

A wonderfully creative use of an attic! And, all the small details really add the the authentic feel. Lyman Perry Architects - Artists at work!

Marie Claire Maison
When I was eleven years old I slept over a friend's house. Her parents were interior designers and her house was beautifully decorated. The guest room had a whimsical, built in bed. It was painted in bright colors and had pretty floral curtains that you could pull closed. It had a hidden light to read in the dark of night and lots of pillow and quilts for curling up. I will always remember the night I stayed in that bed. I believed it was a secret and magical place. Over the years I have collected many, many images of built in beds. Someday I hope to build my own bed for my children or grandchildren to curl up in and dream childhood dreams. Brian Vanden Brink Brian Vanden Brink
I love these first three beds, the two above and the one on top of the page - They all have a Hansel and Gretel quality. Notice the hand carved wood and built in drawers. I also love the choice of paint colors with the natural wood. Charming!
Greene and Greene Architects
These special beds, flanked by built in cabinets, were built into a wide hallway What a fabulous use of space. This is a great idea in vacation home where you always need to have some extra beds.
Locati Architects
I love the rustic feel of this room. The beams and barn wood really give this room character. I especially love having the sink right in the room. A great spot for kids to brush their teeth. Notice the three tiny step stools in red, blue and yellow - adorable.Southern Accents Traditional Home
Need extra beds for six guests? These two photos have a more nautical theme - perhaps these beds were found in beach houses in Cape Cod or the Hampton's. I especially love the beds with the striped curtains.

Rob Whitten, Architect
Here is a great use of an attic space. Simple architectural detail is achieved with MDF or plywood. Beds are boxed and set low to the floor. Walls, floors, and ceilings all painted the same color to give the illusion of a height. King of the Road Preserve
Here is a wonderful room designed for teens! Each built in was designed around a dormer and has a window seat and lamp. Also the room has a sitting area. We can not see what the leather club chairs are opposite, but something tells me it's WII or PS2 system. Catalano Architects
This built in is so charming. I love the beadboard and moulding details, as well as the quilts and star carpeting. The individual reading lights and built in bookshelf make you want to curl right up with a paperback.
Catalano Architects
I can't seem to determine what this area might have been or if it was designed originally this way. I really like how the bed, window and surround mouldings are painted green. I also like how the step up sets off the space. Hutker Architects
Hutker Architects always hits a home run - another beautiful space. What a view - who couldn't relax curled up in this bed?

Lyman Perry Architects
This bed is built into the eaves of and attic. It has a nautical feeling. The single bed and built in drawers are a very smart uses of the space. For more pictures of this space see my past post "Attic Transformation"Brian Vanden Brink
Isn't this an interesting bed? It has such a Zen feeling. Its an amazing design that brings the outdoors in.

The final bed has a Maine Cottage feeling to it. I love the bright blue paint, beadboard and private reading lamps. Makes me want curl up and pretend to be eleven years old again!
Which one is your favorite?

Once in while you enter someone's home and you feel like you have been there before. So warm and inviting, you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable and think "Yes, I am finally home!" Many summers ago I was fortunate enough to meet some new friends from Canada who summer with us. They invited my family to a party at their home to celebrate Canada Day. That's when I first came upon The Asher's Summer Cottage. So sweet and perfectly nestled into its setting it took my breath my away. Sadly, the party was outdoors (as I was secretly dying to get in) but my new friend and I shared a love of decor and she graciously left her guests to give me a tour. She has again graciously let me inside her home so that I might share it with you.

You arrive via a wonderful antique brick pathway. Today I will share with you the family room and the kitchen. Please bear with my novice efforts at photography. The house is far more beautiful than my amateur photos can capture.

The kitchen is a lovely room flooded with sunshine. Casement windows and wide oak floors add to the cottage charm. Notice the marble topped antique bakers table, the custom built in banquette and floral embroidered pillows.

Opposite the dining table used to be a wall which closed in the spaces. They opened up the wall an repaired the two sided fireplace using antique bricks, which they washed in white. I love the slipcovered chairs and teal antique pantry cupboard.

The kitchen has such lovely aged surfaces. Custom cabinets are glazed and finished to resemble aged driftwood or wood bleached by the sun. All counters are covered with antique carrara marble. Edges are chipped and worn and the marble has a lovely patina. The center island cupboards are painted and distressed black and topped with a huge marble slab. Because antique carrara marble of this size is nearly impossible to come by, they were able to find a piece that was tea stained and aged to match the perimeter antique counters.

Here are close ups of the cabinet glaze and the antiqued aged marble.

The kitchen from the opposite side. Beautiful French Doors lead out to an antique brick patio.

Notice the lower baking counter to the right of the stove. A perfect baking area for our children, who were making cookies to sell at the Village Fair Bake Sale. Isn't this what kitchens are for?

Spectacular casement windows open to lovely gardens beyond.

The family room is filled with slipcovered sofas , painted tables and antique pine. An accent wall in painted a pale, robin's egg blue. This adds to the tranquil feeling in this space. A wall of french doors opens to a screened porch. Handmade pillows are fish prints done each year at the Fair by her son. Framed antique boat blueprints, linen roman shades and sisal rug complete the look.

A warm and wonderful space for a warm and wonderful family. Thank you for letting us take a peek inside!


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