Because it is the little things that make a house a home...

I had been wanting to put this saying above the doors in our hallway for quite a while, and I knew that Eileen (the one and only "Leen The Graphics Queen") was just the girl to help me do it!

She was able to match the font in the header of my blog perfectly, and sized it exactly how I asked her to...

Now, I would love to say that I was cool as a cucumber while putting it up, but in all reality, I was super nervous that I was going to mess it all up. Luckily, Eileen sends clear and precise instructions with her decals, so it certainly wasn't that I didn't have the "tools" necessary to do it correctly. For me, it was that I had chosen the font that I love - thin and scripty and, most importantly, believably hand painted. But these three things were also what could have led me to mess the whole thing up!

Thank goodness that my nerves didn't get the best of me!

I *love* it!

What I love most about the decal:

1. It has a matte finish, so it doesn't show the texture of the wall underneath it.

2. It is super thin vinyl. I was really surprised when I opened the cute, little box from Eileen and saw the material. This is not your average, store bought decal!

Which leads me to...

3. Thanks to #1 and #2, it really, truly looks like it is hand-painted! Which would not be out of the ordinary for me in my home. Before now, I always hand-painted my words and quotes directly onto the wall or a sign. But let me tell you, those days are gone!


I will happily say that I no longer have an aversion to vinyl wall long as they are from Eileen.


I am so glad that this is the saying that I chose for this space. I love that it has more than one meaning for us, that it sits in the center of our home and that it is a daily reminder to keep in mind what is really important.

A huge Thank You to Eileen for creating exactly what I had imagined!

You're the best! XO


Do you have a favorite saying that you would like to put up in your home?

Be sure to check out Leen The Graphics Queen's website and blog.

You will not be disappointed!

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