It's official...

My Halloween decorating can now begin!

I know, I know - there are plenty of you die-hard-Halloweener's...






...who started decorating as soon as Fall arrived, but I typically like to keep my seasons and holidays separate, giving them each their own space to express themselves.

But as of today, the ghost and goblins can make their way out of the cellar and into the house!

While browsing Better Homes & Gardens I found some great ideas that I will definitely be incorporating this year.

These gourds are not only pretty, but functional too! Can't beat that...

And every house should be home to a few crows and cobwebs...

Or maybe, a lot of cobwebs!

My kids would LOVE to have a webby, spidery chandelier like this one!

And it's just not Halloween without the bats...

Remember our colony of bats from last Halloween?

The effort was definitely worth the end result!

And I love this idea!

This particular tree is painted on, but lucky for us, Eileen has some fabulous trees in her shop that would work perfectly for this. Hit up the dollar store for a bunch of crows and you've got yourself a display that will *WOW* anyone that walks in your door!

These last two ideas are about as simple as it gets.

If your kids are anything like mine, they love seeing themselves all framed up!

Make it a little creepy and crawly and they'll love it even more...

How about a new use for all of those Mason jars you have sitting around?

With a little black construction paper and some masking tape, you can make yourself a mummy...

Cute, right?

I'm thinking this is the perfect craft for the kids.

So what about you?

Has your Halloween decorating commenced?

I'm always up for fresh, new ideas, so if you have any that you would like to share, I'm all ears!

Happy October!

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