I have found a new Fall interest this year.

Corn Husk Wreaths

I don't think I have ever seen these before, but while browsing Etsy I stumbled upon these from

The Keepers' House

I think they are beautiful...

She added the tassels from the stalks on this one...

So pretty!

And priced between just $15 and $25, they look well worth the money!

But...me being me, I started thinking...

Could I just make one myself?

Then good ole' Google led me to Suzanne...

A full post, complete with a How-To!

You have got to check out her tips on making your own. She gives clear step-by-step instructions and tells you exactly where to buy husks this time of year.

Thank you, Suzanne!

Martha has a tutorial for her version of a Harvest Wreath...

I like hers too!

But I gotta' say, I think I like the untamed version from The Keepers' House better...

So when it comes to seasonal wreaths, where do you stand?

Easier to buy pre-made? Or worth the effort of DIY?



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