I just hopped over to her site and saw this:

"Place an order now through Monday, May 31st and receive 25% off your entire order!"

Awesome, right?

There's more...

"If you or your spouse is a U.S. Veteran or Active Military you'll get FREE SHIPPING too!"


The Free Shipping doesn't apply to us, but I love it that she's doing this for those that have so graciously served our country.

So if you've been waiting for the perfect time to buy a few custom vinyl wall decals for your home, then you definitely need to take advantage of this Memorial Day sale!

Need a little nudge?

Check these out:

And there is way more where that came from.

Click Here to head over to her site and to see the details of this sale.

Which reminds me...

I've been wanting to add something above the doorway of our dining room-turned-playroom-turned-bedroom. It's the perfect spot and I know just what it should say.

Time to talk to Eileen and work out the details!

Happy Weekend


Happy Browsing!



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