Here is a lovely home in Sagg Harbor designed by Heiberg Cummings Design. Known for their contemporary Swedish design mixed with old world antiques; they create interiors that are interesting and layered, as well as light and airy. This home is clearly influenced by the Swedish style but tempered with traditional beach house design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Heiberg Cummings is known for its combination of light, simplicity and subdued colors. Notice how the walls are lightly washed with white, but instead of harsh and stark, they seem luminous and soft. You can still see the knots of the wood peeking through. I love the addition of the old, worn rugs; notice the fraying ends. The rugs add an interesting layer of warmth against the white wood walls and painted floors. Also notice the sofa's interesting lines and use of linen slipcover.

Lets take a closer look at the details that warm up this space. Notice the texture all over the room. On the floors we have worn oriental rugs, a rope knot as a door stop. Rising up you notice Linen slipcovered furniture, old washed wood tables scattered around the room, a barn wood lamp with linen shade, and even the addition of worn leather books. The windows, take on a more modern feel; adorned only with shades. All these elements add layers of warmth and interesting texture to this space.
Moving into the bedroom we see an antique chair mixed with new slipcovered upholstery. Bed linens are all natural materials that look soft and inviting. Notice the obvious lack of color which creates a soothing subdued natural palette. Pull down shades in lieu of drapes on one wall look clean and contemporary.
The bathroom is a mix of old and new. Notice the sleek light fixture and the antique Swedish chair, both elements pop because of their juxtaposition.
Heiberg Cummings Designs has offices in New York and Norway; above Bernt Heiberg and Bill Cummings. They have designed some wonderful furniture with Norwegian company, Hodnebo. Below are just a few of their lovely new pieces.
Do visit Heiberg Cummings Design to see many more wonderful interiors and visit Hodnebo to see more of their collaborative efforts.



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