Step #1. Build

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That's right!


I wish I was there right now to see the faces of those that know us that are reading this. The reactions we get make us laugh! We've had mixed reviews on whether this is a good idea or not. Living in the middle of suburbia we get lots of "WHY???" questions. Only two people have been all for it from the start - my best friend, who thinks it's a fantastic idea (of course, she raises goats, so maybe that should have been expected) and my mother-in-law who seems genuinely excited about the whole thing! Maybe she's anticipating the fresh blue and green eggs just as much as I am! And I'm pretty sure that my dad has come around to the idea because he sent me a great link to lots of backyard chicken info!

We spent the past three days designing and re-designing the plans for our chicken coop. You'd think we were attempting to recreate the Taj Mahal with how much effort has gone into this! There is so much information out there about what a chicken coop should be like that it can make you dizzy! And we're not one's to do something half-way...if we're going to do this, then we're going to do it right! Hopefully our plan is good enough for the chickens!

All of the wood, hinges, roof tiles and wire is sitting in the garage waiting to be turned into something great! We're keeping our fingers crossed that our vision will come to life without much headache and stress!

Once the coop and run are built we will buy our chicks! Can't wait for this part! We already have names picked out, but I'll wait to share those when we introduce them to you! We want to find three Araucana chicks - also known as Easter Egg Chickens because of the gorgeous green and blue eggs that they lay.

Once the chickens are here and are old enough, we can start collecting our eggs! Can't wait for this part either!

Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?

Wish us luck!
More importantly, wish my carpenter luck...the building part is all on him.

We'll take lots of progress pictures - that seemed to be the one thing that was lacking online. A really great and detailed "how to" would have been nice.

Oh! And if any of you have any advice to give on raising backyard chickens, we're all, I mean ears!

Off to get started...



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