I love rediscovering the memories every December that hide in the Christmas boxes under the house all year long. From the boxes and boxes that are taken out of storage to make our house fit for the holiday, come bits and pieces of Christmas past. I love it that each of them hold a different memory for us and that each one takes us back to a different time in our lives.
Here are a few of mine...

The first picture is something that I made when Will and I were newlyweds (10 years ago!). I saw it in a magazine and had to have one for our house! It's funny how every January I pack it back up, not to be seen until the next December, and in that time I forget all about it. It's like unwrapping a sparkly new present every year!

This tree was painted by my mom the year after I was born. I grew up with it being in our house every single year, without fail. Last year she decided that she was ready to get rid of it, but I couldn't let that happen, so I kept it. Now my kids will remember it being in our house every Christmas. They love to turn it around and see all of the decorations and toys that are around it. It's a keeper!

No Christmas would be complete without my husband's airplane ornaments. My mom has been buying these for him every Christmas since we first started dating (15 years ago!).

This is another decoration from my childhood. The Santa votive holder will always have a spot at our house during Christmas time!

I bought this village the year that I was pregnant with our first baby. He's seven now! I am not a Christmas village person, but I am definitely a lover of beautiful, white churches and this one caught my eye. The lights on the house (to the right of the church) change colors and the kids love that!

These nutcrackers are my husband's collection that started when he was a kid. Our boys love them! Especially Owen. That would explain why they're way up on top of the bookcase!

I hope you've enjoyed reliving your memories while you decorate for Christmas!



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