I have always been enamoured with sheers. I love the romance and natural light they let into a room.
(National Curtain Company)
They soften hard lines and provide a beautiful fluid motion from a breeze. Here is wonderful example of antique shutters which are enhanced and softened by the striped sheers.
(o. disegno)
When the light is right, sheers can create an incredible romance in a room. Even a room that is dark can be brightened with sheers. I included the room above to show, though dark, how even a north facing room can benefit from the natural light.
(Southern Accents)
When I was twenty and in my first apartment I bought a huge mosquito netting to hang from the ceiling over my mattress which sat on the floor. I did not even own a bed then! I envisioned myself chic like Mata Hari. This picture is much better example of what I was trying to achieve back then. This Niermann Weeks beds is gorgeous with the gathered sheers. Isn't this so romantic?
(c. everad)
This canopy is taunt - creating a much more sophisticated and contemporary feeling. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add the romance of sheers to your four poster bed.
The sheers here create a wonderful juxtaposition to the cold lines of the metal bed. Even in spare rooms such as this, sheers add a layer of softness. If you pull them closed you create a romantic room with in a room. (s. lane)
But sheers can used outdoors to create a room as well. Here we see this lovely dining area become a spectacular outdoor oasis.
(s. lane)
They can also make sweet slipcovers. Here these embroidered sheer slipcovers soften the lines of the french bistro chair.
(c. everad)
You may remember this photo from a post I did on the popular Ghost chair - you can read about it here. Even slipcovered the Ghost chair retains its ethereal qualities.
(p. mitchell)
The bath is another area where we are seeing sheers used. I love them as a shower curtain in this space because they provide privacy with out visually dividing the room. Here they are in soft shade of lavender.
(s. lane)
This sheer shower curtain boasts wonderful ribbon embellishments. Also notice the beautiful table slipcover.
(s. lane)
But sheers are not limited to white, here a wonderful turquoise linen provides privacy, as well as the color accent in this room.
(r. hammick)
Sheers can also provide the pattern in the room. The light enhances these beautiful floral sheers

(julia clare company)

Finally these striped sheers provide a private resting area on an outdoor veranda.

Where do you like to use sheers?




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